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Alpha Global Sushi & Bar: Sake to Me

You were really into all things Japanese until they failed to produce a working robot in time to clean your college dorm, thereby destroying any credibility they had left after letting Jerry Maguire dress up as a samurai. But it’s time for reconciliation and everyone knows the best way to reach it is by getting stuffed and slammed on national eats and drinks; enter Alpha Global Sushi and Bar.

Run by a Master Sushi Chef who actually grew up on the food he slices and dices, Alpha plates everything from the typical sushi and sashimi staples, to arguably the best Chicken Karage in the city, to rather unorthodox tapas, such as the Pumpkin Croquette (deep fried kabocha squash and mashed potato croquette with vegetable sauce) and the Anchovy Potato (deep-fried fresh hand cut potato wedges with anchovy mayo dipping sauce), while also serving up specialty rolls like the Alpha (mango/avocado/crab meat, wrapped in boiled prawn with an original plum wine mustard mayo sauce) and the Richards (prawn tempuras/cucumber wrapped in BBQ unagi/avocado), not to be confused with the Dicks, which is huge in Japan (despite reports otherwise).

Once you’ve silently destroyed your meal, young Ninja, it’s time to drink. Enter Master Bartender Keisuke, who expertly blends 16 original cocktails with monikers such as All Night Nippon, I Kick, Yellow Soul and Game, which’s reserved only for those that got some. If you’re looking for a truly Japanese experience dip into the Sake menu which ranges from small Gekkaikan carafes for $4.50 ($6.95 for a large on Saturdays) to high end brands like Yoshi Organic for $38; or try their Japanese national Plum Wine (Umeshu) and special Vodka (Shochu), which once imbibing will help you discover why Tom was ever allowed to sneak into that samurai suit.

Alpha is kicking off its 6th anniversary in Vancouver by opening for lunch on Sundays and Mondays, so now you can get (sushi) bombed during the day.

View the menu and learn the secret of the samurai at
Alpha Global Sushi & Bar (Emailed on December 14, 2011)
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