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City Cigars: Get Stoked on These Stogies

It used to be that smoking cigars was associated with sophistication, relaxation, and achievement. But for the last few years the reputation of this honourable pastime has been stained more than a certain intern’s famous blue dress. Putting the stogie back on a more presidential pedestal, City Cigars.

Twelve years old and the biggest in the biz, City Cigars is Vancouver’s premier spot for selecting the finest tobacco the world has to offer. With over 25 varieties of Cuban cigars alone, not to mention an equally impressive representation from other Latin countries, City is a one-stop-shop for cigar aficionados, complete with accessories, the largest selection of humidors in Western Canada, lighters, Hookahs and smoking pipes. It’s a place where you can buy a $145 stogie (the Grand Reserva) for when you close that big deal, or once your divorce finalizes after your own “intern” incident. Inside this uber comfortable, classy smoke shop you may also find yourself rubbing shoulders with international celebrities like Benicio Del Toro or Jeff Bridges, both of which have frequented the store; or even the Terminator, who dropped by once and made a promise to… return again…. and kept it.

But don’t be intimidated by the big names and prices, this is an every-man’s smoke shop, and they have a range of cigars for anyone looking to get into the game. The least expensive is around $5, with the sweet spot for a starter stogie at around $10-$12. Knowing which to get given the immense selection is a task the owners, Kevin and Nadia, would be stoked to help you with. These are two cigar education gurus on a mission to teach the intricacies of their livelihood to a new generation of aficionados. They will tell you that while Cubans remain a quality choice, they’re no longer the only game in town when it comes to countries producing high-end cigars. One of the best is the Alex Bradley, a relative newcomer in the stogie world that unabashedly blends various country’s leaves together to come up with their own unique flavour. But no matter what you end up selecting, you know it can’t be worse than what Bubba chose for his infamous afternoon smoke.

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