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Mr. Lee’s General Store: Up Your Old Style Coolness

You’ve got the looks of Clooney, the body of that Gerard guy from 300 and the seething broodiness of an Apocalypse Now, pre-Tiger Blood Charlie Sheen; yet you stopped updating your personal style long before Zack Morris entered the College Years. It’s time to drop the acid wash jeans and brick phone and visit Mr. Lee’s General Store.

From the same owner as the Belmont Barbershop downstairs, Mr. Lee’s is reminiscent of an original 1930’s general store, with a focus on supplying useful, aesthetically pleasing and high-quality products – some of which every guy should have and others no one really needs, until told by a guy that’s way too old to still be in high school that it’d be a lot cooler if you did.  Some of their not-to-miss products:

Dehen 1920: Crafting hand-made varsity jackets, cardigans and wool sweaters, Dehen 1920 has been producing vintage clothing for almost a century, and is known for using the best material and time honoured methods, which surprisingly does not include six-year-olds from the Phillipines.

Stumptown Coffee: Hailing from Portland, Stumptown has been recognized as “revolutionizing the coffee business” with its high quality coffee purchased at up to four times the regular fair trade price from bean meccas like Africa, Latin America and Indo, which after finishing leads to an intense desire to make the world a better place; or go to Bali — either way, really.

Baxter of California: The “unsung father of the modern men’s skincare industry”, Baxter churns out grooming products like skin creams, vitamin enriched soaps and shave-ssentials like the Super Close Shave Formula and the Blue Steel “Not a Replica” Straight Razor, that can also be used to cut through your underwear during your next Walk Off against Hansel.

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Mr. Lee’s General Store (Emailed on December 16, 2011)
109 E Broadway, 604-568-7103, Map