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Pizzeria Farina: Forgiveness is Divine. And So is This Pizza.

It’s been a long week of fighting the Foot, that Casey Jones guy is always hovering around, and you still live in a sewer with a giant rat. Even a turtle knows that when life throws you lemons, you buy yourself a gnarly pie! For some delicious Za that’ll prepare you for your next showdown with Bebop and Rocksteady, visit Pizzeria Farina.

In a city full of slimy 99c slices, this traditional North Italian styled pizza joint is a pool of water in a desert of greasy cheese. Priding itself on being all about the Za, Pizzeria Farina dishes out 100 pies each day (after which they close their doors) in a comfortably simplistic and uncluttered set up, complete with a communal wood top long table and walls lined with bottles of their Rosemary infused and Chili infused Olive-Oil, which is for sale along with jars of their sauce, the secret ingredient of which is closely guarded by Tokka and Rahzar in an underground laboratory.

The menu is simple, consisting of about 7 pizza choices on any given day, which range from the very basic but delicious Margherita, to the more complex Finocchionna (fennel and sausage), to the always changing “pizza speciale”, which is topped with goodness like parmesan sauce and cheese, pancetta, onion, argula and shreddered mozzarella.

From ordering, to fillin up your water cup, to clearing your dishes, this is a self-serve joint not a Pizza Hut, so don’t plan on a 17 yr old tip huntress stalking your table all night. With pizza prices hovering around the very reasonable $12-14 range (enough for one guy to get full), you’ll be perfectly agreeable when they ask you to take out the trash on your way home.

Check out their Twitter and Facebook accounts for their daily pizza creations and get there early as they run out of dough faster than you can say Cowabunga!

Take a peak at their menu at pizzeriafarina.com

Pizzeria Farina (Emailed on December 2, 2011)
915 Main Street, 604-681-9334, Map