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The Pourhouse: A Drinkery Gramps Would Approve Of

Sometimes you just want a good drink.

And sometimes you want that drink to come with a prune wrapped in bacon. Either way, you need to go to Pourhouse.

Walking into this Gastown joint is like stepping back into your great-grandfather’s cherished watering hole. Now, great papa didn’t actually drink here, but the boots he used to kick down the door after a particularly raucous night in the city just might’ve been made here, as the Pourhouse occupies the former Leckie Boot Factory, built in 1910.

Upon entering, you’ll want to take a seat at the old fashioned 38ft long bar crafted from 120 yr old Douglas fir planks salvaged from a Langley dairy barn where an attentive barmen will pour your choice from a stellar selection of craft beer and custom made cocktails. With names like Papa Doble and Don’t Mind If I Do, selecting a cocktail becomes less about the mix and more about ordering with a funny accent. For brews, you’ll want to try the Backhand of God; a BC brewed, roasted coffee flavoured stout that is fun to say and even better to drink.

As for eats, the menu is old timey goodness with a few surprises thrown in. You can’t go wrong with the messy and delicious Pourhouse Burger, or the Braised Short Rib with egg noodles and sour cream, or one of many a fish dish. But whatever you do, don’t leave without trying the Devil on Horseback appie, otherwise known as dates wrapped in bacon. Pair the Devil on Horseback with the Backhand of God and not only will it taste great, but you’ll have thoroughly pissed off the Sunday church group sitting next to you.

Check out their new lunch specials and score a Sandwich & Side + beer for only $14, which is on offer Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 5:00pm.

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Pourhouse (Emailed on December 9, 2011)
162 Water Street (Gastown), 604-568-7022, Map