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The Weekend Briefing: Sauerkraut, Lights and Leg Warmers

It’s now December and Mother Nature has truly begun running her frigid hand up Vancouver’s collective thigh. But don’t fear the cold, we’ve got three things to keep you warm this weekend. One tastes great, one looks great, and the other is as hot as St. Elmos Fire.

As tasty as Gadaffi’s Ukranian nurse, these perogy nights should be a staple dish in your monthly menu. Friday Night Ukrainian Suppers (Perogy Night in Vancouver) are held on the first Friday of the month from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church off Main Street. For just 12 bucks you get a giant plate of delicious perogies, complete with two cabbage rolls, sauerkraut, Ukrainian sausage and a coffee.

Eat like it’s your last supper at Perogy Night.

Your girlfriend always complains you’re not romantic enough. Well here’s a majestic suspension bridge in the quiet woods lit up with two-hundred thousand glittering little lights, where you can stroll across while listening to Christmas music and eating cookies. All you have to do is brave Little Drummer Boy for a couple hours and you’ll be her white knight for months, or at least until you get home and leave the toilet seat up.

The lights sparkle from Friday, December 2, 2011 until New Years Day.

Complete details here.

Only two good things came out of the 80’s – the 90’s and crazy hot dance outfits – also, perhaps, you.

At Library Square’s 80’s dance party this Saturday you’re likely to see many products of the 90’s (as in, chicks actually born in the 90’s) and some hot dance outfits. Get so lit up you only see streaks of Majenta and do your best Tom Cruise Risky Business impersonation before getting kicked out for taking off your pants.

Get ready for neon, leg warmers and acid wash jeans at Library Square 80′s night.