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2012 Vancouver Motorcycle Show: Custom Bikes. Stunt Shows. And booze.

The central debate for historians reviewing the past century will almost certainly be: was Uncle Jessie actually a cool guy? Yeah, he rode a motorcycle, but he was also way too obsessed with Elvis; not to mention the fact he shared a house with two grown men and a couple toddlers. To secure your coolness without having to bathe the Olson Twins (wait a second…), check out the Vancouver Motorcycle Show next weekend.

Held a short 45-minute jaunt from downtown, the Vancouver Motorcycle Show runs January 19th to 22nd and will feature new motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, and related products and services. All the major names will be here:  Harley-Davidson, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Triumph, BMW, Ducati, Victory, KTM and Honda.  Even if you’re not looking to gear up, there’s a lot of Son’s of Anarchy type action to take in. Such as:

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West Coast Freestyle Stunt Show (all weekend)

Watch guys do tricks on bikes that are sure to make you question your own manhood. Among the group of steel-nerved riders is American stunt star “Hollywood B”, who will throw down tricks including the no-handed sit down wheelie, high chair circles, crippler, tech tank, chainsaw, and tire-blowing mega burnouts. No word on whether “Hollywood B” will attempt the maneuver that led to the demise of “Hollywood A” — namely, doing an action movie with Eddie Murphy.

Vintage Rider Night (January 19th only)

Say you’re a hipster but you also like motorcycles (it’s possible). Then you’ll want to check out Vintage Rider Night, which kicks off with the Café Racer’s Cup featuring beautifully restored race bikes from the 1930′s through the ‘70s, all competing for bragging rights as this year’s Cup Champion. After the show, hit up the Iron Horse Lounge for a free beer sample and a seminar from Peter Starr, a pioneer in the motorcycling film industry and the producer of Take It To The Limit, the iconic motorcycle racing movie that starred the world’s most phenomenal riders. Not to be confused with similarly named movies by Jenna Jameson, another phenomenal rider.

Custom Alley (all weekend)

No biker wants to fit the standard mold; which is why they grow crazy beards and only date women named Big Mama and Red. But the most important way to distinguish yourself is with a one-of-a-kind ride. On display at Custom Alley will be some of Canada’s most impressive custom bikes from top BC shops, including Azzkikr Customs, Jarz Performance, Gun-Er Choppers, Lucky 51 Hot Rod Cycles, Trick Factory Customs, No.9 Cycles, Roadhouse Rides, DND Trikes and Ivers Custom Motorcycles. These shops produce bikes so unique you could ride around with Danny Tanner and people would still think you’re cool.

Get your tics and tricks at vancouvermotorcycleshow.ca
2012 Vancouver Motorcyle Show (Emailed January 13, 2012)
January 19-22 @ TRADEX, Abbotsford, BC, Map