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3P Natural & Exotic Meats: Exotic Meats, No Plane Ticket Required

You’ve always been into trying exotic and rare things, like drinking foreign beers and dating white girls in Vancouver, but there’s one area of your life where you’ve been just another sheep out to pasture, your meat diet; well now you can eat that sheep, and other rare animals, courtesy of 3P Natural and Exotic Meats.

Your local butcher can give you some tasty Moo and Cluck cuts, for sure, but when was the last time he served you up a juicy piece of Kangaroo meat? Didn’t think so. Based in North Van, 3P Natural and Exotic Meats has been dishing rare and exotic meats, including Roo, for almost two decades and operates their shop as a “Butcher Boutique” with the idea that their good “Olde Fashioned Service” should match the quality of the free run, hormone free, naturally raised animals they carry.  3P knows that a happy, stress free animal makes for a more healthy, flavourful animal — which explains why Kermit never gave in to tasting that stress-case Ms. Piggy, despite her tawdry advances.

On the 3P menu you’ll find everything from family farm raised beef, chicken, pork and lamb to slightly less standard fare such as Buffalo, Ostrich, Pheasant and Quail. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a trip down under for some Kangaroo sirloin, strip loin or roast; or perhaps Elk, Musk Ox or Deer deserve your taste buds attention. And for those of you Indiana Jones’in they’ve even got Alligator — no doubt a meaty experience, but surely one that’s better than that last time you bagged a beast of your own.

3P delivers within a 20km radius so simply call in your order to their friendly carnivorous staff; or you can show up at their shop for one of their spontaneous specials, like getting the exact cut you want from a hanging carcass (honest to God, they actually do this).

Butcher your dinner at 3pnaturalandexoticmeats.ca.

3P Natural & Exotic Meats (Emailed January 25, 2012)