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Bitter Tasting Room: A Holy Mecca of Craft Beers

You set some pretty tough New Year’s Resolutions for yourself. Become more worldly, more social and finally let loose that artistic side by getting into some crafts. Thankfully you can fulfill all three of these goals by the end of the weekend thanks to Gastown’s newest drinkery, Bitter Tasting Room.

From the folks behind the Irish Heather, Salt Tasting Room and Salty Tongue, Bitter is a straight-up holy Mecca for craft beers lovers; and while the company of 72 virgins is not guaranteed, a social boozing experience featuring over 65 different bottled beer certainly is. Their colossal menu ranges from rare Belgians to a massive North American, IPA and Weissbier (Wheat beer) selection. The draught list is a delicious trip across the Canadian craft beer landscape, with a strong nod to BC faves like Back Hand of God, Fat Tug, and Lighthouse Cream, while entries from Not The Best Place on Earth feature Maudite from Quebec, Munich from Russell Brewing in Manitoba and Mill St. Organic from Toronto. Yes, the line up here is such a who’s who of the Canadian craft scene you’d think the CBC subsidized it.

As for eats, think lots of meat, with Ms. Piggy starring as a wide variety of German style sausages, sausage rolls, and some pork crackling, scratchings or rind. If you don’t dig the pig, other favourites include the Deviled, Scotch and Pickled Eggs and Bitter’s house baked pretzel, which makes a welcome stomach padding for when you set out on your trek across the Canadian beer frontier.

You’ll be downing all this deliciousness while taking in the old timey ambience of this former meat packing warehouse with a seating arrangement that’s perfect for gettin’ to know your neighbours. And no doubt you’ll want to socialize, since you can brag about how you’ve already destroyed all your New Year’s Resolutions and it ain’t even February.

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Bitter Tasting Room (Emailed on January 4, 2012)
16 W Hastings Street, 604-558-4658, Map

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