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Being part of an old boy’s club has its benefits – secret handshakes, tweed jackets, and the freedom to hide out in a cave and recite poetry with a bunch of other men. For a company that’s bringing the old boy’s club feel back into fashion and doing it without forcing you to stand on a desk and call out O’Captain, My Captain:

Started by a guy who’s affinity for fashion goes back to the days when you still believed wearing sweatpants to school was appropriate, LM provides cutting edge clothing through their online retail store. At LM, the focus is on you, the customer. And they prove this by keeping the lines of communication open both with quick and personal responses to inquiries and through their web experience, where they go beyond just hawking products to give customers a fashion education complete with tips and tricks that help guys elevate their style to a level our girlfriends always dreamed of, but never believed possible. is the reinvention of the old boy’s club, where not only can you find some of the best Canadian and international brands, but you can do it while never leaving the leather-and-whiskey smoked confines of your den. The collection includes:

Haight & Ashbury: Founded in 1999, H&A is a Canadian brand with a product mix of shirts, sport coats, trousers, waistcoats, knitwear and outerwear as well as accessories such as ties, scarves, and hats. The best part: you don’t need to shoot someone to get permission to wear these HA jackets.

PYA Black Label: Offering luxury basics for the modern gentlemen, PYA creates timeless cashmere knits, wools and T-shirts made from Peruvian cotton that are so soft you’d think they were made from a skinned Sedin.

Fred Perry: Authentic British street fashion featuring footwear, accessories, bags and shirts, Fred Perry was the first British heritage brand to combine streetwear with sportswear. Molotov cocktail and cockney accent not included.

Naked and Famous: Using only unique and rare denim fabrics from Japan, Naked and Famous churns out simple and raw jeans with modern fits — otherwise known as a much needed replacement for those Bugle Boys you’ve been holding onto since the ’90s.

And because sometimes your mother tells you really should get out of the basement, they also have a flagship store in Abbotsford where you can find all these brands and more.

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