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Max’s Burgers: Build Your Own Burgers, Plus Booze-Filled Milkshakes

Oh, the famed burger. Just hearing the name conjures up memories of summer BBQs, road trips, and that girl, Sally Berger from third grade, who answered NO on the Do You Like Me? Yes/No/Maybe game and sent you to therapy for the better part of middle school.  For a burger experience without the self-loathing, Max’s Burgers.

After months of furrowed brows and disdainful stares from dread-locked vegans exiting Whole Foods across the street, Max’s Burgers has taken down the Coming Soon sign and opened its doors, delivering to the Broadway/Cambie corridor what West 4th has had for years: an independent purveyor of delicious gourmet cattle caskets.

Max’s menu is decidedly burger centric, with the Big Max serving as the standard option (5oz pattie, lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup’n’mustard) from which to build upon either through your own innovation or by selecting one of the eight pre-designed solutions. The pre-fab burgers include the British Columbia (applewood smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and bacon marmalade); the Super Schloppy Joe (ancho chili, two pieces of American Cheese and Mustard); and the “Anna and the King” Crab Po’Boy (two king crab fillets, Thai green curry mayo and Max’s own slaw).  There’s even a vegetarian creation for the Whole Food types who accidentally wander in, obviously disoriented from the lack of meat in their diet.

As for drinks, well, here’re two words for you: Boozy Milkshakes. These $6 “shakes for grownups” include booze-filled choices like the Dark Star Stout & Fudge, Orange Creamsicle, Strawberry Cheescake and the Fraser Valley Mud, mixed with Southern Comfort, Kahlua, and vanilla ice cream. And if shaken it ain’t your thang, they also do a number of drunken floats — also what your friends called your near death experience at Shuswap last summer.

Because ice cream gives you mad gas, they’ve also got beer, plus mean mixes like the Liquid Lunch, a Caesar prepared with bacon infused Stoli vodka and served with a crispy bacon stick. Either way, they’ve got you covered for lunch, dinner; or if you just want to get wasted enough you’ll forget about those ice cream headaches and that good for nothing Sally Berger, who you secretly loved.

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Max’s Burgers (Emailed January 27, 2012)
521 West 8th Ave, Vancouver, Map