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Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show: Your Adult Playground. This Weekend

You’ve always considered yourself a bit of a Casanova in the bedroom, which is why you’re aware that Foreplay doesn’t refer to a golfing technique, and that the word Labia isn’t just the name of a former USSR territory (it’s a country next to Libya, isn’t it?). For an event that’s sure to bring your bedroom prowess to even greater heights, check out the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre this weekend.

The Naughty But Nice Sex Show is packed with so many activities it appears the only erotic topic not covered is how to recreate the Costanza Ham Sandwich Manoeuvre. For everything else there’s a seminar, show or booth that’s sure to cover all the pertinent topics. And if you just want to zone out and take in some eye candy, well, there’s plenty of that going on too.

Bring your girl-next-door date and see if she’ll go a bit wild. The first 20 couples through the door this Friday receive a gift certificate toward a romantic dinner for two courtesy of the Old Spaghetti Factory, where you can recreate that erotic canine scene from Lady and the Tramp. Then, have your picture taken with AVN Award winning Adult Film Star Monqiue Alexander, though you may not want to mention to your date how familiar you are with Ms. Alexander’s “work”.

Get $5.00 off admission when you don a Toga, worn by ancient Romans for the noble purposes of equality of dress and more importantly, easy access. Enter to win the weekend Grand Prize of an all-inclusive trip for two to Temptation Resorts Spa in Cancun with round trip airfare from Sunwing. Cheer for your favourite Mr or Ms Taboo Finalist, as these Gods and Goddesses model themselves in nothing more than a little body paint; which they claim will be sexier than that time you tried to paint your body with mustard and soy sauce.

Check out the finals of Miss Pole Dance Taboo and watch 16 ladies compete against in each other in the most exciting female sporting event since Kournikova sought the title of World Champion Moaner.  And if you haven’t yet caught the nightly feature performance by Stilleto Storm check’em out at 5pm on Sunday, where you’ll witness the sexiest Exotic Circus to ever hit Vancity, with their aerial acrobats, fire dancers and pole champions — not to be confused with Monique Alexander, who’s considered a pole champion of her own.

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