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Vancouver’s Super Bowl Parties And You

You’ve been praying that a miracle would take you to Indy this Sunday, and despite the fact the man upstairs answered your last Hail Marys and brought down a wrath against Tebow, it’s about time you started to make alternative arrangements for this year’s big party. To help you, here are some suggestions for scandalous Super Bowl shindigs Mr. 3:16 would definetely not approve of:


Commodore Ballroom: Vancouver’s Official Super Bowl Party

Vancouver’s Official Super Bowl XLVI Party (#CanadasXLVI), hosted by the NFL and Bud Light, is an interactive fan experience that puts 850 patrons in the same room as the wildly sexy Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders; who are extremely excited for what is likely the only chance a Seahawk cheerleader will ever get to dance past week 17.

While the Sea Gals are giving you a personal greeting and you’re imagining a Feline/Sea Gal mud wrestling match, you’ll also be listening to The Sheepdogs blaring on the main stage, and sampling the tastes of an NFL Tailgate with authentic foods inspired by the two competing team’s cities. When you’re full of clam chowder and Waldorf salads, you can snag the chance to rub shoulders with NFL players, who will also be in attendance.  Which is why, gentlemen, it’s suggested you keep your girlfriends at home, lest she decides she wants to go long before half time.

Tickets are $52.50, but it’s the Commodore, and it’s gonna be awesome. So get on it.


Two Chefs and a Table and Big Lou’s Super Bowl Party

You’ve spent the Super Bowl at a bar for years now and it always ends the same way; hungover on a Monday morning, trying to figure out how you spent $150 at a bar with $3.99 pint specials.  For a party that puts the focus on the food, check out Two Chefs and a Table.

For $20 you get entrance to the Two Chef’s party at their Richomond HQ, as well your first beer and an all-game buffet of homemade favourites like Big Lou’s hot dogs, Mac & Cheese, Wings, Pemberton Meadows Sliders and Burgers, Meat Hook Chili and a bunch of salty snacks. That’s right, a buffet of delicious food prepared by serious chefs, all day, for $20. Two Chef’s is located in Richmond, but if you’re coming from downtown they’ll pick you up and drop you off for just $15.

They’re also doing a Super Bowl Feast catering package that includes two litres of Meat Hook Chili, twelve Big Lou’s hot dogs, 5lbs of wings and six Pemberton Meadows Burgers. It’ll set you back $120, but it’ll also feed you and five friends, unless you’re friends with Justin Tuck. Orders are being accepted until Saturday, February 4th.

Starting planning your 4th quarter buffet plays at

Forum’s Football Super Party

With a bikini contest, a half-time dance show, a DJ and all-day drink specials, Forum is providing almost enough distraction to forget that win or lose, Tom Brady is going home with Giselle, and you most certainly never will.  You could, however, still go home a winner, with a trip to Vegas up for grabs and 6 pairs of Canucks tickets. Tics to the party are $10.

Giselle’s phone number and all the other goodness, here