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0755 Restaurant & Lounge

When Captain James Cook first set foot in Richmond he knew he had found a hidden gem – for it was the only place he’d ever been where he could play his favourite slot machines until 4am, order Chinese takeout, then easily flee the country when the loan sharks came a-knockin. For a hidden gem in Richmond that won’t require a quick escape, 0755 Restaurant and Lounge.

Perhaps the only thing more unusual than the inside of 0755 is its suburban strip mall surroundings, which make the space more appropriate for a Whole Foods than a hopping nightspot. Thankfully though, 0755 is serving up cocktails instead of Quinoa and slinging them in a seriously trippy space that looks straight outta the Tron mainframe. With plush black and white furniture, giant projector screens and illuminated zig-zaggy wall designs you’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight to a luxury lounge in Shenzhen; and you’ll be partly right, because 0755 is the area code for Shenzhen and the inspiration for this zany space; note that Renminbi is unfortunately not accepted and you can’t name drop your connection to the Party Secretary (that wild receptionist at your office) to get a discount.

Once you get your bearings take a seat and order up some dishes from 0755’s extensive, seafood heavy menu, which features some unusual treats like Shrimp Tempura Sliders (on green onion pork bun with sambal aioli), Crispy Frog Legs (tossed with Thai basil, garlic and chillies), and Chicken Liver (cumin spiced, pan-fried with bacon and raspberry coulis). For dessert, try out the Night Club Ice Cream Toast (vanilla bean ice cream with fresh berries), Mango Sticky Rice (fresh mango, mango puree, coconut milk) or the Typhoon Ice Cream Donut (fresh diced apple, vanilla ice cream, apple chip), which was created specifically to challenge Asian genes’ ridiculous ability to ward off fat.

As for boozin, you’ll have no problem finding a poison of choice with an extensive wine, cocktail and beer menu; which is good news because you want to be well sauced for the Canada Line ride back to the city, where you can enthral your friends with exotic tales of far off lands they’ve only visited when dropping off their Uncle Hal at the airport.

Start your adventure where Captain Cook left off at 0755


0755 Lounge (Emailed February 15, 2012)
Continental Centre, Unit 2188, 3779 Sexsmith Road, Richmond, Map
(604) 273-0755