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Boteco Brasil: A Brazilian Experience That Doesn’t Include a Waxing

Brazil has lots going for it these days: white sandy beaches, gorgeous women, the greatest football in the world, and let’s not forget those top quality gang wars! But since you won’t set foot in South America until your custom made bullet proof vest with flame throwing sleeves arrive, get a taste of Brazil at Boteco Brasil Restaurant and Bar.

Imagine the bar Cheers and instead of Sam, Woody, Norm and the gang you’ve got Pedro, Luis and Vitor, who happen to be just as friendly but much more likely to bust out a Samba before the 2nd beer arrives. Unlike some other Brazilian themed restaurants in the city, this one is jammed full of real life Portuguese-speaking homens e mulheres who come to relax, have some drinks and eats, and, if the mood calls for it (and it always does), bust a move on the intimate dance floor.

Situated in a cozy living-room-like venue just a five minute walk from Commercial SkyTrain Station, Boteco serves up traditional Brazilian fare just like your mamãe used to make. Their well priced ($5-10) appies include Kibe (deep-fried marinated ground beef balls);  Mandioca Fribe, (cassava fries); Coxinha (shredded chicken enclosed in batter and deep fried) and the must have Pastel, a salty pastry stuffed with your choice of beef or mozzarella cheese. For mains, they’re dishin carnivore friendly eats like Picanha (tenderized tri-cut beef with rice, beans, fried banana, cassava flour and fried cassava root); Frango a Passarinho (fried chicken with garlic and parsley); and the traditional Brazilian dish Bife Acebolado (beef steak with fried onions, tomato salad, rice and beans).

As for drinks, the popular choice is the Caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail made with Cachaca (an alcohol derived from sugar cane), sugar and limes — also the perfect concoction for numbing the nerves when you’re asked by one of the Brazilian girls to lead the Samba circle.

Experience Brazil without the need for Tony Stark approved head gear at Boteca Brasil

Boteco Brasil (Emailed February 19, 2012)
2545 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, Map
(604) 566-9028