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Green Lettuce: Chindian Food

Ever since that time you watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon while noshing on Butter Chicken takeout, you’ve always loved a good Chinese-Indian pairing. Taking the Chindian (or is it Indianese?) experience to the next level, Green Lettuce Restaurant.

Since 1999, Green Lettuce has been choosing the best of India, the best of China, slamming them together and serving up the delicious results at their restaurants on Kingsway and in Surrey. Their expansive dinner menu kicks off with starters like Hot Chili Chicken Dumplings w/ Garlic, Chicken Pakora w/ Chutney Sauce, and Chicken Kebab Skewers; and dishes mains like Mongolian Beef, Boneless Chicken Curry and the Gobi Manchurian: a crispy cauliflower with a pakora-esque flavour, or at least that’s how it starts, but before long you’re seeing the Queen of Hearts everywhere and have a sudden, uncontrollable urge to assassinate a head of state.

To bury your sadness for not knowing the plot line of The Manchurian Candidate, they’re also rocking a fusion drink menu, which features both Zhujiang (Chinese) and King Fisher (Indian) beers; mix them together to create a King Zhujiang, and drunkenly proclaim him the new ruler of Chindia; though don’t be surprised if the Chinese police start tapping your phone – they’re everywhere.

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Green Lettuce (Emailed February 6, 2012)
1949 Kingsway Road, Vancouver, Map