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If This Then That: Automate Your Life

Even if you’re called the Warlock and your typical day involves hacking government servers from your mom’s basement with The Mac Guy, you could still benefit from some spare time to focus on more important things, like trying to salvage your directing career. Saving you time by making the Interwebs work for you, If This Then That.

Created with a mission to “enable everyone to create valuable connections between the services and devices they use everyday”, IFTTT makes your life easier by creating simple tasks that automate the Internet. Connecting tons of digital services (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube…) and phone functions (text, phone calls…), the service follows the simple logic if this happens then that will happen, like if “Die Hard” is mentioned in my RSS Feed, then send me a text message, or if “Justin Long” updates his IMDB profile with ‘Die Hard 5’, then leave me a voicemail reminder to kill myself.

The service is simple to use with easy to follow instructions on how to set up your first task, or how to find and install tasks that have been created by others (called Recipes). Once set up it’ll automatically scan the Internet every 15 minutes for your created Trigger (like “it’s going to rain in Vancouver today”); then will run a pre-programmed code to initiate your desired Action (leave email reminder to “wear pants over leopard print thong”).

As of today, over 430,000 recipes have been created, a number which will continue to increase because of their option to let you suggest new digital services and functionality. So who knows, maybe one day you’ll be able to go back in time and fix that one awful mistake you know you made, casting Alanis Morissette as God.

Ifttt you think you could use some automation in your life then head over to ifttt.com

If This Then That (Emailed February 29, 2012)