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Nicli Antica Pizzeria: Pizza That’s STG Approved (That’s a Good Thing)

You’ve traveled great distances to get something authentic. To Newfoundland for lobster. To Memphis for barbecue. To Narnia for Turkish Delight.  And now, to the fringes of Gastown for Neapolitan pies at Nicli Antica Pizzeria, taking you directly to Italy in one bite.

Set in a minimalist space with exposed brick walls, where the only piece of art is the specially designed oven straight from Naples, Nicli Antica tosses pies so good they won’t even bother to cut them for you. But with their street cred, why should they? Nicli serves only “Specialita Tradizionale Garantita” pizza, which means they are recognized as a true Neopolitan pizza maker and must follow the official guidelines for making Neopolitan pies: the right flour (super-fine, high protein, high gluten), wood-fired at 900 F for 90 seconds, with San Marzano tomatoes which are grown on volcanic soil (is there any other kind?), and dough pounded and stretched by hand (damn well better be).

The Za’s stylings are staples of Neapolitan traditions with Margherita, Marinara, and Napoletana (like the Marinara, but with anchovy) being the traditional choices. Other options are not quite part of the Neapolitan family, but close to the heart none-the-less, like Robert Duvall in The Godfather.  Among these are the Agnello (garlic, peace country lamb sausage, Okanagan goat cheese, chili oil); and the Capocollo, made with tomato sauce, grana padano cheese, garlic, marjoram, chili oil, and cured pork shoulder — also the name of that disease Lindsay Lohan has. Wait, what? She doesn’t have a disease? You mean that’s just what she looks like?!?

As for drinks, they have a long wine list of Biancos and Rossos befitting of an Italian joint; a stellar international beer menu, including three Italian offerings: Peroni, Menabrea and Moretti; and a number of signature cocktails with names like Buffalo Ride, Lost at Sea and the Absinthe of Temperance, which’s powerful enough to make anyone see talking lions.

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