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PKG: The Finest in Laptop Bags, Sleeves and Totes

When shopping for a laptop bag, you look for something that’s functional, stylish and won’t wear and tear too much over time  — just like you do in a set of steak knives or a girlfriend. Lucky for you, PKG has your carrying conundrum covered.

You believed your mother when she told you that you’re a unique little snowflake and although Tyler Durden wouldn’t agree, one way to prove it is to pick up one of PKG’s badass bags, sleeves and cases for your laptop, iPhone, iPad or tablet. The PKG line is for peeps looking to say goodbye to the boring black neoprene and add some individuality to their digital accessorizing.  They’ve got you covered with:

: The PKG Primary Collection of bags offers a variety of different shapes and materials to suit everyone’s tastes. Available in Classic Men’s Tote, Women’s Tote and Tablet/Netbook Shoulder bag versions, the Primary Collection is bringing a reign of terror down on the world of black polyester laptop bags. The bag features a dedicated centre-load laptop compartment with two full-sized side pockets for tools of the trade, file folders and anything else you’re carrying for the day.  Front and rear zip pockets keep everything in its place and each bag is finished off with custom straps and metal hardware.

: Cause we’re livin in a mobile world and you’re just a mobile…dude.  Available in a whopping 18 colors and prints, the PKG STUFF sleeve allows you to accessorize your tech tools with your wardrobe. The sleeves come in a bunch of sizes (10″, 13″ and 16″), for everything from a laptop to an iPad/iPad 2; and also come in a variety of styles and textures including tartan, wool, tweed and quilted nylon. Unfortunately they do not offer a style that will legitimize your socks and sandals combination.

Black Crown Collection
: Composed of leather travel satchels, camera bags, phone wallets, and specialty laptop bags and sleeves, the PKG Black Crown Collection is a union of exquisite materials, quality craftsmanship and exemplary style and functionality.  Each piece in the Black Crown Collection has been hand-made in Canada by a single artisan using only the finest materials and methods. The exterior leather was chosen for its robust durability and its graceful aging properties, while the interior lining was chosen for its colourfast assets and its lint-free non-fray characteristics. Each product is embossed with a unique serial number to track and identify your product, while every piece in the Collection is covered by a limited lifetime warranty that will ensure it will always remain in the same state as when you acquired it; now if only your girlfriend came with a similar guarantee.

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PKG (Emailed on February 3, 2012)