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Sezmu Meats: Legend of the Drunken Moo-ster

Like man, the life of a cow can be brutish, nasty and short; or, if they’re lucky, they can spend their days frolicking in fields, taking in a lot of grass and getting filled up on red wine. Coincidently, the best place for both man and cow looking for a life closer to the latter is in the Okanagan, with the only difference being that when the cow has had his share of grass and wine, the rest of us can eat him, courtesy of Sezmu Meats.

Few would disagree that red wine and beef are a pairing made in bovine heaven, so why not save yourself a step and have the cattle drink the wine for you. Sezmu Farms, named after the Egyptian god of wine, is based in Oliver, BC and prides itself on raising cattle in a low-stress environment, where each cow is raised hormone free, fed their natural diet of grass, and has about 150 sq. feet of personal space, which compared to other farms, and Vancouver apartments, qualifies as luxury living space.

But it’s not their spacious paddy that they brag about at the cow playground; it’s their daily booze allowance, which consists of a bottle of wine a day mixed in with their feed. The result of this special liquid diet is that by the time Betsy gets to your plate she’s exceptionally well marbled, with a distinct flavour, improved colour, and longer shelf life than traditional beef. Yes, it’s a far cry from the last time you brought a tipsy cow home; and certainly guaranteed to taste better.

To score yourself a boozed up heifer you can be proud of, check out Sezmu’s lists of Vancouver restaurants where their beef is on the menu – these include Blue Water Café, Joe Fortes and Trattoria. To buy some for your own BBQ, hit up one of a few butcher shops that carry their cuts, including Jackson’s Meat and Deli and Oyama Sausages on Granville Island.

Jackie Chan is a legend and so is this beef from

Note that until Sunday February 12, 2012 Sezmu is offering a selection of their meats at a 50% discount through Wagjag Vancouver.

Sezmu Meats (Emailed February 8, 2012)