The Best Trivia Nights in Vancouver - Briefed

The Best Trivia Nights in Vancouver

Your biceps are huge, your chest is sculpted and your glutes are just so so firm. But your brain…well, with glutes like that you haven’t felt the need to flash it around much; until now. Celebrate your smarts and get stupid (drunk) doing it, at Vancouver’s best trivia nights.

MONDAY NIGHT:  Cascade Room’s “What the #!*@? The Original Mount Pleasant Quiz Night”

Located where the original Vancouver Brewery brewed its flagship “Cascade” beer, Cascade Room hosts a “Cascade Quiz Night” and “Name That Tune Bingo” on alternating Mondays. Gather your friends, choose a team and challenge recent victors like New Squid in Town and War is Peace. Entry is $2/person and winners can elect to keep their spoils or give them to charity (the UBC Brain Research Centre), so at least on this night you’re giving something away other than your dignity.

Not feeling the Cascade? Other Monday options: The Cove Neighbourhood Pub. 8pm start. Craft beer specials. More info at


TUESDAY NIGHT: The Cheshire Cheese Inn

Located in Dunbar, The Cheshire Cheese Inn runs Trivia Tuesdays from 8 to 10pm with 3 rounds of 12 trivia questions each in all categories. The top three winning teams of each round gain entry to a final prize draw at the end of the game. And because everyone knows the key to being a pompous know-it-all is to be British, they’re servin up a Carver’s Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding, veg, potatoes & gravy for $13.99. Drink specials include: Big Rock Traditional Ale ($5) and Long Island Iced Tea ($6.25).

Dunbar’s way too far for you? Other Tuesday options:

Relish Gastro Pub & Bar

Relish puts on a popular trivia night (7:30pm start) with categories including pop culture, science and “general weirdness”, while making you feel better about the fact you know nothing about general weirdness, despite being weird, with 18 oz pints of Whistler Pale Ale for just $3. With a price like that they’re almost paying you to drink. More info at

 Academic Public House

$2 beers, $3 highballs and $4 glasses of wine. Need we say more? Visit their website for more info

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: 131 Water Kitchen & Bar

131 Water Kitchen & Bar holds their “cage match of wits” every Wednesday at 7pm. Three rounds of trivia in a wide range of topics from movie sound bytes to political questions like, Was Kim Jong Il’s Head Really That Big? (Yes, yes it was). 131 Water also dishes out some awesome and “Almost Famous Fish & Chips”, along with some classic burgers like The Canuck and the Royale With Cheese, which gives you the motivation needed to strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy your brothers.

Not a Water man? Other Wednesday Options:

“Nice Guys Inc.” hosts pub trivia night at The Calling with food and drink specials including $5 lbs of wings, $4.25 Phillips draught & $6.50 cocktails. More info at

Moose’s Down Under has a pub quiz night that’s “just like back in Australia”, which presumably means it includes lots of questions about sheep genealogy and Lord of the Rings lines (wait… what? That’s Kiwis?… Shit). Lots of prizes, plus signature cocktails like the Billabong Cooler, Sex on the Surf and Dirty Mother make this worth a trip. Though don’t have sex on the surf with a dirty mother, unless of course it’s not your mother, in which case it’s probably a good idea. More info at



If your brain is still functioning properly this far into the work week you can celebrate your cerebral supremacy at Darby’s Pub, which hosts a brain workout every Thursday (7pm start) with drink specials including Long Island Iced Tea ($4.50), Granville Island Sleeves ($4.50) and Stanley Park Pilsner Big Dawg ($5.50), because, after all, you are one.