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Transcend Coffee: A Solution to Your Expensive Coffee Addiction

Getting something new in the mail can be intensely satisfying, which is why you still receive a box of cassette tapes every four weeks from Colombia House despite the fact half get confiscated by your mom cause they got profanity.  For a monthly subscription that will never go out of style, Transcend Coffee.

Devoted to “rising above and beyond” the typical specialty coffee roaster, Transcend Coffee provides a subscription based coffee service whereby each month they ship you a new blend from around the world. Each coffee of the month comes with a letter that describes its origin, as well as a flavour profile and brewing tips. Consider Transcend the answer to your twice daily half frappe, caramel infused concoction that’s emptying your wallet faster than a Yaletown girlfriend — and her bean could hardly be considered Fair Trade given all the fancy dinners you’ve taken her on.

Transcend scours the globe for the highest quality organic coffee beans and builds strong relationships with coffee growers by paying them substantially more than Fair Trade prices. The company strives to purchase coffee beans from farms that employ environmentally conscious policies, like those that are encouraged by the Rainforest Alliance. The beans are grown in the rich soils of countries such as Guatemala, Panama, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and many other places that would surely be immersed in either a civil war or erotic dance-off if it wasn’t for jobs created by the magic java.

Monthly subscription packages start at $65 for a three month supply; a fraction of the cost of your $7 dollar a day latte addiction, which instead of a Fair Trade letter of origin comes with the smug smile of a fish-tailed Siren who appears to be laughing at your ridiculous order — a vanilla soy, no foam, pumpkin spice latte… really?

Liberate yourself from the Sbucks’ imposed prison of coffee monotony at

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