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Vancouver Valentine’s Day Event Guide

Image Credit: Raw Canvas


Ah, Valentine’s Day; just one more beautiful opportunity to demonstrate your sacred love for another by purchasing them crap they don’t need and taking them somewhere you seriously can’t afford.  Yes, Cupid has delivered a precisely placed arrow right through your heart, deep down, into your wallet.  But while you’re blastin cash like Leguizamo was blastin the Montague’s, why not do something you both are going to enjoy, like:


The 23rd Annual Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

Bringing the funny and the love, check out Vancouver TheatreSports League’s most ruthless, daring and competitive improv tournament: The 23rd Annual Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. Featuring both local and international talent, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre pits world-class improv teams from across the continent against each other – resulting in some of the craziest, most hilarious improvised comedy you’ve ever seen; though nothing will be funnier than when you tell your date you were actually doing improv comedy when you proposed at dinner. Tics are $35 each and come with a drink.

Laugh your way to love, or at least laugh, at the VTSL’s Valentine’s Day Massacre


Valentine’s at the Circus

Remember when you first started dating your girlfriend and she told you she was into new and exciting things, but then months later you realized she meant new and exciting episodes of The Bachelor?  Why not try and push her out of her comfort zone with a trip to Circus School.  Work up your appetite at a 90 minute Valentine’s Day Circus Class ($20) where you’ll hang, leap, jump and twirl, all supervised by Circus professionals; though be wary if the clown offers to come home with you to give your girlfriend “Advanced Lessons in Vaulting”.

Clown around this V-Day at

Valentine’s at Raw Canvas

Could there be anything more romantic than spending Valentine’s painting a beautiful portrait of the love of your life? Well, perhaps if you knew how to paint and didn’t end up making her look like a Ms. Piggy, Nick Nolte hybrid, it might be slightly more romantic, but that’s beside the point.  Book yourself in at Raw Canvas for a night of painting, wine, and meats and cheeses, because as Costanza knows, there’s nothing sexier than cured meats.  Raw Canvas is offering a medium sized canvas for a couple to share, for the price of a small. Make your reservation Pronto and have her think you kidnapped her and took her to Italy; note that actually kidnapping her and taking her to Italy is not recommended for a first date.

Be as memorable as Cooostanza! with a trip to