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Flight Adventures: Be a Commercial Pilot for a Day

You’ve been into simulation activities since grade eleven when you and the new girl from the States tried dry humping in your parents’ ‘97 Plymouth Voyager.  For a simulating activity where arriving ahead of schedule won’t get you laughed out of the captain’s seat, check out Vancouver’s Flight Adventures.

Putting you in the captain’s seat of a Boeing 737 Next Generation commercial aircraft, Flight Adventures uses simulators that are built in-house with Canadian technology and manufacturing ingenuity and are intended to provide a flying experience that couldn’t be more realistic, unless they served you crappy food and a really fat guy sat next to you.

Each flight begins with a pre-takeoff briefing from a personal instructor who will give you the low-down on what to do with the rudder, throttle, control column and other instruments, all to ensure you don’t crash into the Andes and have to eat the meatiest member of your flight crew just to survive.  Once you’ve got your bearings you’ll select an airport destination from 10,000 choices, including Hong Kong’s Kai-Tec, New York’s JFK and for the supremely confident skipper, Bhutan’s Paro Airport, which is nestled in a valley close to Mount Everest. With surrounding peaks as high as 18,000 ft (5,500 m) it’s considered one of the world’s most challenging airports with only eight pilots in the world certified to land there.

In the first hour you’ll get to choose between carrying out a city-to-city flight or flying circuits at your favourite airport. Then, once familiar with the aircraft you’ll get thrown into some unusual flying circumstances, like an engine failure on takeoff, a reduced visibility snow storm landing, or a cold coffee serving, which is when the flight attendant serves you a cold cup of java and you’re forced to teach her a lesson with your feared death roll maneuver.

Learn more or register for your first flight simulation experience at FlightAdventures.ca


Flight Adventures
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