Legacy Liquor Store

A Luxury Shopping Experience…For Booze

Legacy Liquor Store Beer Fridge

There are only two things that men enjoy searching a store for: the exit and booze.  For a booze shopping experience where an exit is the last thing you’ll want to find, check out Legacy Liquor Store.

When the Olympic Village was being built you knew it would eventually be good for something besides a place to hit on leggy female lugers, and you were proven right with the opening of Vancouver’s most luxurious liquor store.  At 8,600 sq. ft., Legacy is the largest privately owned liquor store in BC and is stocked with a mammoth selection of 4,000 products, including international and domestic wines, beers (1,000 different kinds) and spirits, as well as sake, craft beer and specialty liquors you won’t find anywhere else. In short, the place is jam packed with enough booze to fuel a whole weekend at the Kony 2012 headquarters (pants always optional).

Legacy Liquor Store

Besides quantity, Legacy has a drunken headlock on the premium beer and spirit market, carrying specialties like Mount Gay Rum, Crystal Head Vodka, Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer, and rarities like Chocovine, a fine French Cabernet Sauvignon subtly blended with rich Dutch dark chocolate to create a drink so smooth and sexy you’ll kick your date out of the house, just to spend more time with it.

If you’re more likely to be hanging with a bunch dudes than a date, Legacy also offers upscale keg options in the vein of Lighthouse, Russell and Kronenbourg, a far superior choice to Canadian, which is surely harvested from the Toronto Maple Leaf’s communal spittoon.

Legacy Liquor Store Tastings

And for those looking for some education with their inebriation, Legacy also runs weekly seminars and tastings on everything from Vodka to Whiskey to beer. Hosted by a liquor expert you’ll learn the nuances in colour, finish and legs (and you have always enjoyed brushing up on legs). Once you splash your way through one of their courses, you’ll never be left out of the conversation when sophisticated know-it-alls are musing on the best Malbec to go with their lamb, or what premium beer Hasselhoff should’ve paired with that Carl’s Junior.

Get boozin in luxury at LegacyLiquorStore.com