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The Railway Club Sing-a-Long: Be Johnny Cash for the Night

Strong lungs are important, but using some artificial high-tech cardio machine to improve your endurance is sure to leave you on the losing end of an internationally significant battle between good and evil. Just ask Ivan Drago (aka The Russian). For a natural lung strengthening exercise, Railway Club’s monthly sing-a-long.

Every first Monday of the month, Vancouver’s iconic Railway Club transforms itself into a campfire sign-a-long, where exuberant and drunk patrons cram themselves into the intimate, wood-paneled space below a ceiling mounted toy train track to belt out (or shyly murmur) new age hits and classic oldies like Tainted Love, Ring of Fire and I Don’t Like Mondays, which is actually a lie, cause on this night, you love’em.

Led by a group of misfittin, hard rockers, aptly named the Hard Rock Miners, you get the feeling you’re not in Kansas anymore (which would be true, since you’re in Vancouver), but in some northern logging village, where every night after drying your feet to avoid gangrene you sit around with Two-Toed Tom and Chainsaw Billy and drunkenly slur through a reverent mix of Johnny Cash songs before passing out face down in the slop bucket.

With binders full of the words to 100+ songs choices, wannabe hillbillies hollar out song selections at the top of their lungs, one of which is then chosen by the band and played for all to follow. And to boozst your confidence, they’ve got nightly beer specials, like $5.50 Cutthroat Pales and all the regular drafts, which makes for a night to be remembered — although it won’t be, because you’re going to have way too much to drink.

Railway’s also got other live music acts 7 nights a week. So check out their schedule of events and everything else at

The Railway Club
579 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, Map