Kitsilano Cask Carouse

Kitsilano Cask Carouse: An Epic Journey with Beer

If what you’re doing this weekend doesn’t involve a 6 hour long pub crawl, then one has to ask, what the hell are you doing with your life anyways?

This Saturday from noon to six, join fellow brew aficionados for a four-stop craft beer pilgrimage through Kitsilano.  At each stop you’ll have the challenging task of downing a cask conditioned ale made by one of BC’s talented craft breweries.

Each stop will also feature a guest speaker educating cask carousers on a variety of beer related topics, none of which will include answers to your most important drinking related questions, such as: Did I leave my phone at the last place? Where was the last place?  Should I use a British accent to talk to that cute girl over there?

Bars included in the afternoon brew tour include: Sunset Grill Tap House & Whiskey Bar, The Bimini, Darby’s Pub and Displace Hashery.

The tour will be splitting up into 4 groups so if you want to drink with your buddies, email in advance;  but really, isn’t it time you made some new friends that don’t know about the time, with the girl, who may not have been a girl, but you had too many beers, and you lost your phone…

Tix are $50 and include a beer and appies at each stop.

Drink your way through Kits at the Kitsilano Cask Carouse