My Comedy Book: The Web Just Got Funnier

Local stand-up can be a great alternative to a seventh consecutive day of kidney poisoning; unfortunately, more often than not you end up squirming uncomfortably as a sweaty hack stammers pointless anecdotes about a day job he’d be insane to leave. Ensuring you hit up an act that’ll make you piss your pants out of laughter instead of sympathy (don’t you hate it when that happens??), check out

MyComedyBook is a Vancouver-based website where comedians can create a profile, post videos and list shows. You might call it the Facebook of funny, or the YouLaughTube, or the MySpaceisFunnierThanYourSpace  – or you might realize your crappy name ideas are an indication you’d make a shitty comedian.

The website aims to be a one stop shop for promoting local comedy shows, giving new comedians a platform to display their work and allowing audiences to check out comedians online before going to see them live, because no one likes to have high expectations only to be disappointed, or at least that’s what your first wife told you after your wedding night.

Comedy shows throughout Vancouver are listed by event date and location, and include full profiles (including video) of the performing comedians. Yes, it’s so convenient you might piss yourself with joy.

Find a comedian (or try to be one) at

MyComedyBook (Emailed April 4, 2012)