The Union Bar

The Union Bar: Homemade Cocktails by the Viaducts

Image Credit: Janis Nicolay Photography

The last time you found yourself sitting at a communal table gorging on delicious Southeast Asian fare, pounding back Singha’s and commenting on how time’s were a-changin, you had just got back from a mission to kill Colonel Walter Kurtz, and let’s just say you had worked up quite an appetite. For a Southeast Asian experience in Vancouver’s own Heart of Darkness (Main St.), check out the Union Bar.

The newest member of the Habit and Cascade family, the Union boasts well executed Southeast Asian fare like Nasi Goreng, Pad Thai and a damn fine “Cha Ca” Fish (lingcod, market greens, turmeric, dill, ginger and chili coconut milk on rice vermicelli), positioning itself as one of the marquee fu-Asian cuisineries in a city overflowing with kimchi. But this is no one-trick elephant and they’ve got more going on than just good eats and an ultra-modern decor – like booze, served in jars – otherwise known as why Grandma was so wasted all the time.

Literally meaning “Jar” in Filipino, the Banga is a Union created cocktail with simple flavours, mixed using only a jar and stick. You can choose between the Banga #1 (gin, lemongrass, rambutan, ginger, thai basil, fresh lime & sugar), Banga #2 (tequila, honey tangerine, fresh lime, gomme, kaffir lime leaf & galangal), or Banga #3 (bourbon, mirin, fresh mint, calamansi, orange peel & ginger), or you can slam back all three and master your jam jar drinking technique; though don’t be surprised if you wake up with an apocalyptic hangover worthy of a Sheen.

Check out a list of their drinks and get prepared their nightly 5-630pm happy hour at

The Union Bar (Emailed April 4, 2012)
219 Union Street (at Main Street)