Lüt Boutique I Breaking News: Your Clothes Need Changing

Lüt Boutique: Stylish Shirts and Funky Undies

Ah, Spring.

It’s the time of year when the Sun peeks out early, the flowers bloom and all the decaying bits of winter get swept away, like your wardrobe, but hopefully not the Nucks. For a spring cleaning that won’t leave you crying in a pool of beer and shame, make your way to Lüt Boutique.

Located on upper Main Street, Lüt offers a snazzy selection of local, national, and international designers with an emphasis on classic looks that won’t go out of style the next time some cool kids decide to turn their pants backwards.

At Lüt, you’ll find a unique selection of men’s jackets, sweaters, shirts, denim and accessories from independent designers like Neuw, Supremebeing, and Zanerobe.  Be sure to check out local company Ebon Aves Apparel and their awesome graphic T’s with animal designs, which are sure to endear you to a generation of women trained to ooh and ahh at cute wildlife selling phone plans.

Whether you’re looking to rock the office casual or impress that dreadlocked girl at a drum and base show, Lüt’s friendly and knowledgeable staff can point you in the right direction. And if you happen to get a date with Ms. dreadlocks,  go back to Lüt and pick yourself up a pair of Bjorn Borg men’s underwear, known for its playful patterns and a bold colourful palette, which an artsy drum and basser is sure to love.

And since you may have made a couple bad bets this time of year (a Canucks/Penguins final ain’t lookin too likely), it’s worth noting Lüt offers free hemming, and will even put your clothes on layaway, which is nice because your friends were starting to run out of “Your Momma So Fat” jokes.

Start the spring off in style at Lüt.


Lüt Boutique