Vancouver International Tequila Expo

Tequila Expo: Sip Your Way to El Bano

"Vancouver International Tequila Expo"

Two truths and a lie:

  1. You’ve been to Mexico.
  2. You hooked up with a girl your friends nicknamed El Toro.
  3. You sipped carefully selected, premium Tequila, chosen for its one-hundred-percent agave-ness and traditional, meticulous preparation method.

Yer a toilet huggin, cheap Cuervo swilling liar is what you are.

Because it’s time you had a Tequila experience that didn’t end on the floor of el bano, check out Vancouver’s inaugural International Tequila Expo this Saturday, May 12th at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The most misunderestimated of the spirit world (we miss you Dubya), Tequila has as rich and fascinating a history as any other stupor inducer (take that Cognac!).  Tequila is made from the hearts of the agave plant and Mexico’s devotion to its sacred nectar is rooted in ancient history. The Aztecs worshiped Mayahuel, goddess of Agave, who was followed everywhere by an obnoxious cohort of 400 drunken rabbits, each of which, scholars believe, are a representation of one of the 400 forms drunkenness can take;  which explains why one of the rabbits is known for calling his ex-girlfriend at 3am, puking, passing out, then waking up with a penis drawn on his face.

The morning and afternoon education seminars ($45) — run by the entertainer and aficionado, Eric Lorenz — will give you a rundown on how Tequila emerged from its ancient past and how to appreciate its modern form, which won’t be hard considering the number of tastings that are included.

Later that evening at the Expo Grand Hall, attendees can sample the full lines of well-known brands like Tequila Don Julio and Cabo Wabo Tequila, lesser-known newcomers to the market such as T1 Tequila Uno and Tavi Tequila, and brands not yet imported to British Columbia such as Azuñia Tequila. Tix for the Tequila Grand Hall are $72 and include ten (10) tasting tokens and finger foods are included.

There are also a number of local eateries that will be featuring exclusive tasting menus to celebrate the inaugural festival.

Get in on all the agave action at the

Image credit: JSDavis82