12 Hottest Olympic Women of the 2012 Games

12 Hottest Women of the 2012 Olympic Games

With the London Olympics 2012 upon us, we thought we’d give insight into what you were really wondering: who are the sexiest, hottest women competing in this year’s Olympic Games.

It was a tough job scouring the Interwebs for pictures of scantily clad Olympic beauties, but someone had to do it — Enjoy.

  • 12. Kim Glass (Volleyball) 12. Kim Glass (Volleyball) The American Indoor Volleyball phenom, Kim Glass helped the US team to a silver medal in Beijing and is on a quest for gold. She’s not only an amazing athlete, but also a temptress off the court, recently posing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
  • 11. Sydney Leroux (Soccer) 11. Sydney Leroux (Soccer) Born in Surrey, local girl Sydney Leroux didn’t make many Canadian friends when she chose to play for the US national time by virtue of her duel citizenship. On the other hand, I’m sure Sydney has no trouble making friends…
  • 10. Victoria Pendleton (Cycling) 10. Victoria Pendleton (Cycling) The World and Olympic Champion in Sprint Cycling, British lass Victoria Pendleton has posed for FHM and is also the August cover girl for Esquire’s Olympic edition. And that my friends, makes her a friend of ours…
  • 9. Elisa Di Francisca (Fencing) 9. Elisa Di Francisca (Fencing) This Italian swordswoman has a number of fencing medals under her belt and now looks to add to her hardware with an Olympic victory. Keep a look out for her moves, you won’t want to miss her lunge and thrust.
  • 8. Jennifer Kenny (Beach Volleyball) 8. Jennifer Kenny (Beach Volleyball) Part of the USA’s hopes for a 5th consecutive beach volleyball Olympic Gold Medal, Kessy is a newcomer to a field full of veterans. But you know what us men say, as long as a girl’s got bumpin skills, age really doesn’t matter. Wait, what?
  • 7. Maria Sharapova (Tennis) 7. Maria Sharapova (Tennis) We know her best as a tennis star, not an Olympic athlete, but Sharapova has proven that she is the hottest Russian on the circuit (until Kournikova stops wasting time with that Enrique guy and makes her triumphant return that is).
  • 6. Alex Morgan (Soccer) 6. Alex Morgan (Soccer) You can always trust the sport of soccer in producing some fine specimens, and in Alex Morgan it has done it again. The Seattle Sounders forward has a knack for finding the back of the net and is known for her great ball handling skills, which we’re all very excited to see…. very, very excited.
  • 5. Ellen Hoog (Field Hockey) 5. Ellen Hoog (Field Hockey) The 26 year old is making her Olympic debut for Netherlands at London. A relative unknown in the sporting world, but make no mistake Ellen Hoog should not be overlooked… looked over, yes, but not overlooked.
  • 4. Darya Klishina (Long Jump) 4. Darya Klishina (Long Jump) Long legs, long jump – it all seems to be working out quite well for Darya. The Russian 20 year old is poised to compete in her first Olympic Games and she’s almost as excited as when she got her first modeling contract. For the rest of us, we’re just happy to have her. Something would’ve been amiss had she not been at the Games (her sexy body).
  • 3. Francesca Piccinini  (Indoor Volleyball) 3. Francesca Piccinini (Indoor Volleyball) Francesca is part of the Italian squad… the squad who’s posed nude in Men’s Health Italy that is. Yep, that’s right, she has. And after you check out the pictures (hint: try Google), you’ll be PVRing everyone of the Italian women’s matches, then calling in sick, so you can watch them on repeat. Some may call you a weirdo, but it won’t be us, cause we’ve already programmed our PVR.
  • 2. Stephanie Rice (Swimming) 2. Stephanie Rice (Swimming) A triple Olympic Gold Medallist and World Recorder holder, Stephanie is no stranger to the spotlight, especially when that spotlight is her own camera, in her bathroom, that’s focusing on herself while she takes skimpy “self pics” in the mirror. Keep up the good work, Stephanie.
  • 1. Leryn Franco (Javelin) 1. Leryn Franco (Javelin) Potentially the hottest female athlete ever, Paraguyan beauty Leryn Franco is one of those few athletes who actually still looks ridiculously good looking even while competing. She staked her claim as a body to be reckoned with in this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. And here at Briefed we have to say we hope she sticks around for awhile.