Bangtown Hair Saloon: Drink Beer, Get Your Haircut

Bangtown Hair Saloon: A Beer Serving Barbershop

Bangtown Hair Saloon

The other day, something terrible happened.

You walked into a hair salon. They made you wait in one of those chairs. You started reading People magazine. And unfathomably, nobody handed you a beer.

Fair to say you’ll never set foot in that place again…

Meet Bangtown Hair Saloon — it’s fully stocked with scissors, combs, people who know how to use them and, yes, cold beer — or perhaps you’ll have Baileys in your coffee, instead. It’s true,  Bangtown serves up a free drink with every appointment, and who knows, if you get a cut, colour and a perm, you might get a couple drinks, and a slap in the face.

Set in old-timey digs at Pender and Richards, Bangtown’s roster of veteran hair hackers have a minimum of 6 years in the biz, so you know you won’t leave looking like you just lost a cage match with a Flowbee.

For those who select their hair stylist based on appearance as opposed to experience, you can judge these books by their cover while creeping on the bio section of the Bangtown website; and who could blame you for avoiding a scissorhands with a faux hawk – you’re going for a Don Draper not a Danny Douchebag.

Men’s cuts are $45, but considering the going rate for a pint these days, they’re practically paying you.

Book your appointment with beer at Bangtown Hair Saloon.