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Portland Craft: An Oregon Experience That Won’t Get You Burnt at the Stake

Portland Craft

Portland. With its craft beers and crazy donuts all the cool kids are talking about it these days.

And you’d love to go, if the trail to Oregon didn’t require fording rivers, killing buffalo and the risk of death by dysentery.

For an Oregon experience that won’t end with your name on a Tombstone, check out Portland Craft, Vancouver’s only drinkery specializing in artisanal brews from the Pacific Northwest.

With an ever changing line-up of 16 select beers on tap, Portland Craft is a haven for beer connoisseurs looking for new flavours, as well as those who like to get drunk while staying classy, because let’s face it, you’re getting too old to drink Old E in the park.

Beers your mouth should meet include the Organic IPA by Portland’s Hopworks, the Tangerine Wheat Beer from Lost Coast Brewery in California, and the Alameda Black Bear Stout,  a light-bodied stout with hints of chocolate and coffee.

If you’re feelin brave, try out Craft’s beer cocktail, the Drafted Americano: Main Street Pilsner with Campari, sweet vermouth, and orange zest, because there’s no zest, like orange zest.

For eats they’re plating locally sourced goodness inspired by the Portland food scene, including Hefeweizen Beer Battered Rainbow Trout (lightly fried w/ smoked paprika and roasted garlic mayo), the Portland Craft Burger (6oz patty w/ aged cheddar, pickled beets and all the fixings), and Spot Prawn and Cheddar Grits, which’ll pair well with their Crop-Dusted Sugar-Dusted Donut Bits for desert.

Become a true trailblazer at PortlandCraft.com (or just check out their menu)