Tap and Barrel Restaurant in Olympic Village

Tap & Barrel: Your New Watering Hole in Olympic Village

Tap and Barrel Restaurant Olympic Village

You’ve been asking a lot of heavy questions lately.

Where in the world did that minx Carmen Sandiego end up?

Why is it so hard to find a patio joint with a view AND a huge selection of craft beer?

Allow us to suggest that if Ms. Sandiego likes ocean views, copious craft beer and Canada’s largest selection of wine on tap, you can catch her at the just opened Tap & Barrel at Olympic Village.

The New Tap and Barrel Restaurant

Situated on the False Creek seawall near those trippy giant birds you’ve always wondered about, the spanking new Tap & Barrel is a two story temple of craft beer, with 79 taps in total, a number so high that even Wilt Chamberlain would respect it.

The starting line-up features 24 brews, including your standard BC offerings from Russell, Granville, Howe Sound, Whistler and R&B, as well as some harder to find pints, such as East Vancouver brewer Parallel 49’s Watermelon Wit (also known as the Seedspitter), which is a Belgian style Witbier made with a watermelon twist.

If your beer belly is starting to obstruct your genital tanning efforts at Wreck, perhaps it’s time to go vino, and they’ve got Canada’s largest selection of wine on tap, which is also eco-friendly since it forgoes the waste of all those glass bottles. And as you’ve always said, if it’s good for the environment and your genitals, it’s a win-win.

The Inside of Tap and Barrel in Olympic Village

If you’re looking for some eats, the Tap is dishing some pretty creative pub fare, including an appy line up featuring Thick Slab Bacon Strips, Sticky Yam Fries (think yam fries with burnt marshmallow fluff), and Southern Fried Chicken with a honey drizzle.  For mains, besides your pub regulars, you can mow down on their Poutine Burger or their PB&J Burger (chipotle peanut butter and bacon jelly). To finish it all off, consider the Beer Float, a simple dessert made of stout beer and ice cream, just like your alcoholic grandmother used to make.

Full menu and other deets at TapandBarrel.com