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Hog Shack BBQ Cook House

Hog Shack Cook House in StevestonImage Credit: Hog Shack Cook House

One day very soon, beach season in Vancouver will come to a rainy conclusion.

And while your girlfriend might not appreciate us telling you this, it’s probably safe to start weening yourself off that smoothie and raw veggie diet your abs have been on.

So here, have 2lbs of delicious smoked beef ribs.

Courtesy of Hog Shack Cook House, a Steveston based take on Kansas BBQ that keeps things low, slow and covered in delicious homemade rubs and sweet sauces.

Get ready to hear things like, “hey, you’ve got a lotta stuff on your face”, cause they don’t skimp on the sauce; or “hey, you dropped your dinosaur bones on your lap”, because that’s what they call their ribs, not cause you’ve been transported to dinner at a hidden Costa Rican park with Jeff Goldblum and a kindly old billionaire dude with a bug stuck in his cane.

Hog Shack’s BBQ is distinctive for its emphasis on sweet sauce flavours, which is smothered on chicken quarters, Louisiana or Baby Back style ribs, and their beef ribs with the prehistoric moniker. Besides perfecting these meaty staples, the Shack has some creations of their own, including pulled pork pancakes and Creole Prawn Tacos.  To wash it all down, they’ve got a connoisseur’s collection of craft beer on tap.

So if you’re sitting back trying to determine the best time to grace this Steveston ode to offal, the answer is…Yes. Whenever you’re really, really hungry and crazing stacks of meat. Which, let’s face it, is all the time since you started that shitty diet.

Get an inside look at their meat at HogShack.ca