Stact: Modular Wine Racks

STACT: Wine Storage Sexified

Stact Modular Wine Racks

The last time you attempted to combine wine and art you ended up alone and naked in your basement, covered in body paint, conducting an interpretive dance version of The Land Before Time. In your vino’ed version, that b*tch Cera doesn’t get off so easy for the sh*t she says about Littlefoot’s mother.

Turning your wine into a work of art you can actually be proud to show off, STACT.

Designed by Eric Pfeiffer of Pfeiffer Labs, STACT is wine storage meets Mona Lisa, only without that creepy grin. Transforming a wine rack into a piece of wall hanging art, STACT creates completely customizable (in size & colour), modern and minimalist Sauvignon storage solutions that place the focus on the wine instead of the rack (something men have struggled with for centuries).

STACT Wine Wall in Walnut Finish

The displays are versatile in shape, fitting any space on any wall, and are infinitely expandable, suitable for a small display in your hallway or a grandiose display in your dining room. The racks are made from premium wood veneers and come in six different finishes, including walnut, electric orange, pure white, white oak, piano black and, of course, Zebrano, a colour symbolising the bloody clash between Tony Soprano and the Zebra that owed him money.

Starting at $129.99 for a panel that fits 6 bottles (36cm x 26cm), STACT is practically paying you to pimp out your wall. And let’s face it; you need to save some cash after all that money you paid for the Littlefoot costume.

You can pre-order your STACT through their Kickstarter campaign that runs until September 14th.

Or visit GetStact.Com to learn more about how you can pimp your wall.