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Uber Private Car Service

Private Car Service

You watched that movie Drive and you thought, that Ryan Gosling is one cool cat, maybe I should buy a really sleek car and drive around town listening to melancholy techno music with a sexy serious face. But then you remembered that you hate Vancouver driving almost as much as you hate Translink.

To get around town without sacrificing your brooding male sex appeal, check out Uber, your new private car service.

Started by a former IT man who really hated hailing cabs, Uber is your own personal, on-demand chauffeur, with an intuitive smartphone app that seamlessly links you up with a fleet of Benzes, SUVs, and Town Cars for the price of a cab.

All you have to do is text your address, or use the app’s map to pinpoint your location, and you’ll get an estimated pick up time (usually between 5-10mins), be able to track your ride in real time on the map, and get an alert when the driver pulls up (hint: he’ll look like a secret service agent, minus the Colombian hookers).

And don’t worry if you blew your roll takin odds on Kazakhstan in the Modern Pentathlon, Uber keeps your credit card on file and bills you automatically based on time/distance, so there’s no signing or tipping.

To make sure your Uber experience stays as fresh as a Gosling half smirk, the app has a post-ride rating system that helps them decide whether to keep/drop certain drivers, and covers everything from whether they’re wearing enough Old Spice to how well they’re able to navigate the city.

Start arriving in style with Uber.

Sign up or learn more at Uber.com