Holiday Gift Guide 2012 Vancouver - Girl Edition

Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: For Her

Since no man but Mel Gibson has a clue what women want, and even he doesn’t have much luck with his daughter, we asked local ladies to give us some insight into how to select gifts your lady friend will be uber-grateful for. Here’s what we uncovered.

Traditional Turkish Bath

Miraj Hammam Spa ($100 to $300)

Miraj Hamman Spa Vancouver

Some gifts are better when you both can enjoy them, but since leather pants are only big enough for one, get her a trip for two to Vancouver’s top middle eastern themed spa experience, where she’ll be pampered with a traditional Turkish bath, and other luxurious treatments that are meant for cleansing and healing the body and soul.

Give her the gift of relaxation at Miraj Hamman Spa

The Gift of Flexibility

Ten Pass Card from Barre Method Yaletown (10 pass card – $200 / 5 pass card – $110)

Barre Method Vancouver - Dance Fitness

While fitness related gifts are often frowned upon for insinuating your girl needs to drop a few, the Barre Method classes, which combine a ballet bar with yoga and other conditioning exercises, are a popular choice for any fitness minded lady. And even if she doesn’t like it, you can always go in her place (cause let’s be honest, it’s you that needs to lose a couple).

Check out all their options at Barre Method

Like School But With Food

Cooking Classes at Dirty Apron ($150/person)

Dirty Apron

Popular Vancouver cooking school Dirty Apron has a wide variety of classes perfect for couples to bond while trying not to burn stuff.  If you’ve been together awhile this will demonstrate you still love to spend time with her, especially if it leads to better tasting snacks while watching Monday Night Football.

Check out all their classes at

Cause Girls Like Shiny Things

Alden Rae Wrap Bracelet ($49)

Alden Rae Wrap Bracelet

They say that Diamonds are Forever, and that would make them a great gift, if only you were sure about this one. So if at this point you’re looking more for a gift that says “BLANK are for a Couple Months, cause I still gotta check out if your family is sane and whether you’ll freak out if I go with the boys to Vegas,” this classy, yet reasonably priced bracelet pretty much covers it.

Check out the wrap bracelet at AldenRae.Ca

Bags, Bags, and More Bags

Fiveleft Bags (styles from $350)

Fiveleft Leather Bags

You might be thinking the price of this gift is a little steep, but hey, you love this girl and girls love bags. Also, you will be supporting a local designer creating unique, hand-made, long lasting pieces that will age as gracefully as the love you share with your partner, or at least that’s what you’ll write in the card (you’re welcome).

Check out all their bags at

For the Girl Who Wishes You Were Johnny Depp

Xoxolat Chocolate Tasting Series ($20)

Xoxolat Chocolate Series

You’re no Johnny Depp, but when you slather chocolate all over your naked body and present it to your girlfriend as a Christmas gift… she’s gonna wish you had just bought her a ticket to the XOXO Chocolate Tasting Series. Xoxolat offers a variety of chocolate focused seminars which touch on its history, health benefits and of course, its many tasty manifestations, which guests get to sample.

Sign up or learn more at Xoxolat.Com


 A special thanks to Alison*Elle for recommending some surefire gift ideas for your better half.