Vancouver Super Bowl Party - Commodore Ballroom

Official Super Bowl Party: At the Commodore

Super Bowl Party at Commodore Ball Room

It’s that time of year again, when you fold up your Seahawks jersey and put it away until next season. Unless of course you’re a 49ers’ fan, in which case you’ve been spending half your days packing your suitcase with golden, puffy coats and the other half in front of a mirror perfecting your bicep tat kiss. Superdome here you come.

For those of us who can’t witness the HarBowl in person, Commodore Ballroom is offering the next best thing, Vancouver’s Official Super Bowl XLVII Party, hosted by the NFL.

The party will include a visit from former NFLers Shaun Alexander and Darren Woodson, with the talent rounded out by the Seattle Seahawks’ Sea Gals Cheerleaders. And although you may get overly excited by the prospect of being in the same room as the Sea Gals, heed a word of warning: get too close and Alexander will show you what it’s like to get a stiff arm from an MVP running back, while 3-time Super Bowl champ, Woodson may d-back you all the way back to the days when the Cowboys could actually win a game (a long time my friends, a long time).

Prize giveaways, multiple HD screens, and of course, lots of booze, make this the Vancouver Super Bowl party.

Tickets are going fast, so you best click right here to get your hands on some