Colony Bar Vancouver - Kits Neighbourhood Bar

Colony Bar in Kitsilano: Cheapest Drinks in the West


Colony Bar Vancouver - Cheap Drinks in Kits

A true neighborhood bar must reflect the culture of its locale, which leads to overpriced martins in Yaletown, PBR served in granny’s jam jars on Main, and kale infused vegan cocktails on Commercial.  But what of Kits, with its mix of white collar house poor and basement suite dwelling penny scrounging students?

Looking to corner the market on both these deprived populations, Colony Bar.

Located on the site of the old Kitsilano Billiards Hall, Colony is the brainchild of Bill Keriasotis, whose family owned the pool hall for the past 25 years.  Driven by the desire to create a friendlier atmosphere for locals to converge, and presumably to ensure he’d never have to utter the word Billiards again, Colony has all the right elements to bring in a crowd.

Like beer.  Cheap, cheap beer.

Let’s say you’re a UBC student and you’ve spent all but $4 dollars on your university stuff like crayons and weed, well, six nights out of seven you can still score a beer here (stick to the green on Fridays).  This is because every single day, Colony has a killer special, with daily draft prices dropping as low as $3, which in this city is rarer than spotting an English sign in Richmond.

As if you need another reason to check them out, note that their food menu is dominated by delicious yet inexpensive burger creations,like the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich (buttermilk fried w/ maple mayo) and the BBQ Onion Burger, as well as a “French Fry Bar” that includes Pulled Pork Poutine and other curdy dishes that’r topped with enough cheese to mop up all those dirt cheap brews.

Great for watching a game on weekdays, bustin your move on weekends, and avoiding your smelly basement-mate anytime, Colony has all you need in a neighbourhood joint.

Start your eating your way through a colony, by first checking out their menu right here