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Sex With Siri: Talking to Vancouverites

Sex Talk with Siri
For this week’s column, I decided to have some fun chatting to a Vancouver lady about what she likes – and dislikes – about dating in the city. Here’s what she had to say – take note fellas.
Katie:  Age 22, UBC student, born and raised Vancouverite

Siri: What do you think of Vancouver men?

They’re better than people give them credit for! Everyone says there are no good guys in Vancouver, but I know plenty. There’s a good mix. Either no style and totally scruffy or overly-styled hipster. We need more in-between guys! But they are generally swell.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex?

In a Jeep parked outside Republic on Granville Street. Back when you could actually park there. The windows were slightly tinted.

What’s your best dating tip for Vancouver men?

Do something original for the first date! Or something thoughtful. I went on a first-date to the aquarium and it was great – there was so much to do. Choose a date where there’s an activity to distract you both, especially if you don’t know the person. And don’t expect sex on the first date! Or even on the third date. Just don’t expect it. Let it happen. Don’t be pushy with your penis. That’s not cool.

What’s your favourite Vancouver bar for meeting people?

Depends who you’re looking to meet. Guilt and Co. is a great place for more business-men types. The Roxy is actually a great place to meet fun people, for fun times that evening. Don’t go to the Caprice. You will meet jerks.

What’s the weirdest pickup line a Vancouver guy has used on you?

Just give me a minute, I have to think about this. I’ve heard some weird ones. Well, this isn’t a pickup line per se, but I had a guy try to pick me up wearing a shirt that said “I Shaved My Balls for This.” And on the back it said, “I Shaved My Ass For This.” We tried to figure out if it was some sort of internet thing, but our googling turned up nothing. Just some weird guy who wanted the world to know, I guess.