Miss BC Ava Vanderstarren - Briefed Girl of the Month for June

Girl of the Month – Miss BC Ava Vanderstarren

Ava Vanderstarren - Briefed Girl of the Month for July
Image: Britt Lovell

Briefed’s Vancouver Girl of the Month for July is Miss BC 2013, Ava Vanderstarren. Born and raised in The Wack (Chilliwack for those unfamiliar), Ava is a German/Dutch actress, model and dancer with a passion for charity (she’s produced her own charity fashion show and raised tons of dough for Cops for Cancer). She’s also a graduate of VFS and a Fraser Valley Zone Theatre festival Best Supporting Actress Award winner.

BRIEFED: We’re now about halfway through 2013. Has it been a good year for you so far?

AVA: Yes it has! I’ve been working on getting my acting career going. I had a small part on Supernatural and was in a few commercials so far this year. Modeling has been good too, I organized my own charity fashion show and have been having lots of fun!

Ava Vanderstarren BoxingImage: Karen Long

Since most of us haven’t gotten off our asses yet this year, you’re way ahead of the game. But the year is young, so do you have any other plans for the rest of the year and beyond?

I really want to do some more traveling! Here, there, anywhere – I would love to just get on a plane, train or spaceship and fly to the moon haha. I’d love to see New York, go back to Europe or visit Africa very soon!

Ava Vanderstarren Vancouver Model
Image: Britt Lovell

Spaceship – good idea. Except for the food of course. Speaking of food, do you have a favourite Vancouver restaurant?

I love going out for Sushi. Vancouver has so many good places that it’s hard to pick just one, and I’m working on discovering them all! Also, for a treat it’s nice to go out to a fancy dinner..really enjoy Seasons in the Park in Queen Elizabeth Park. The food is amazing!!

A great view too! What about neighbourhoods. Do you have a favourite area of our fair city?

Definitely Gastown.

Ava Vanderstarren in a hat
Image: Meghan Davis

So you like spaceships and obviously you like food. But what would say is your favourite thing to do in Vancouver?

Being outside on a beautiful sunny day! I love the mountains and the ocean — it’s the best part about living in Vancouver.

Ava Vanderstarren Vancouver
Image: Joy Chen

Definitely. And what’s the worst thing about living in Vancouver? 

When it rains for 7 months straight it can be pretty depressing! And the price of living! Insurance, gas, food all costs so much here compared to other provinces.

Fashion Editorial - Ava Vanderstarren
Image: Catie Ding

Many Briefed readers come to us with dating questions. What do you think of pick up lines? Good idea or corny?

Corny because if you’re the right guy then you don’t need a pick up line, it just naturally happens!!

Ava Vanderstarren with books
Image: Joy Chen

What’s the worst pickup line a guy has used on you?

Well…I can usually avoid them because my sixth sense says here it comes and I make a move to get away…but once I was driving and a guy starting honking and pointing to roll down the window. I was so confused and thought something was wrong, but then he asked me out. Good thing he didn’t cause an accident!

Ava Vanderstarren posing
Image: Kimberly Feragen

Is it true what many local women say, that Vancouver men are uninteresting and basically suck? If there’s one piece of advice you’d give a Vancouver guy who’s trying to improve his chances with the ladies, what would it be?

I’ve definitely heard that! I’ve never had a relationship with a Vancouver guy (maybe that says something lol) because I usually go towards the guys who weren’t born here. Vancouver guys are so laid back! Typical west coast! If you like a girl then you need to make her feel special and show her that you are genuinely interested. If you just wait around then you’ll miss your chance! Show some initiative and adventure — plan a date that actually takes some time and thought to make it special :)

For more pics and info about Ava, check out here website. And be sure to follow her on Twitter.