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Your Sandwich Deserves Better

When it comes to thoughtfully pairing food with drinks, the closest you ever came was that time you gave your dorm buddy six shots of Tequila and insisted he eat goat curry from the most suspect food stall on campus. The legend of Curry Pete was born in the co-ed bathroom soon after – all due to you playing God with nature’s liquids and solids.

Yes, pairing is a dangerous game, but when done right you can elevate an ordinary lunch into a gourmet meal.

Take the case of the humble Subway sandwich.  Sure, it’s not some fancy Panini from Rome or a Banh from Hanoi or a French Dip from – it’s a fact, Google it –  Los Angeles, but the Subway sandwich is a time-tested provider of tasty meat between bread creations. Even with its blue collar roots, washing one down with a particular drink can give it a whole new character.

The Meatball Sub – Best Served with Red Wine
Insist that your sandwich expert place that sub directly in a picnic basket and head to a grassy knol with your romantic interest.  Pour two glasses of the finest ten-buck-a-bottle red wine, cut that sandwich in half and you’ll forget you’re not in Paris – except that your wallet hasn’t been pickpocked, which is good news cause you saved a wack of cash on your wich’ and wine date.
Meatball Sub
The Steak and Cheese Sub – Best Served with a Cold Beer
Most people eat a Subway sandwich with cola from the fountain. Guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Trade the sugar buzz for the real thing and down the mess of beef, cheese and bread with a cold beer.  Go for a pale ale, or an IPA, or a Guinness. Actually, it doesn’t really matter what kind – just pound back a brew and shovel that delicious steak into your mouth. Perfect pairing.
Steak and Cheese Subway
The Oven Roasted Chicken – Best Served with a Gin and Soda
You saw that Jared guy shave some serious poundage with Subway and you want to get in on that action.  On the other hand, you’ve had a rough week and, like the Don Drapper of Accounts Receivable that you are, you’re definitely going to put one or two back over lunch.  Rather than sabotaging your healthy eating effort with liquid calories, down that Roasted Chicken sub with a tall Gin and Tonic. Then be sure to drunkenly ramble about TPS reports and you’ll never be invited to another lame office retirement party.
Oven Roasted Chicken Subway
The BLT – Best Served with a Caesar
One uncontested scientific fact is that a meal is always  made better with bacon. Always.  A lettuce and tomato sandwich? Forget it.
And what if that meal is paired with a drink that also includes bacon, say like a Caesar with a bacon strip? Well, then all you need is some football highlights and you’ve concocted yourself a Costanza worthy Trifecta.
BLT Subway
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