Indochino Traveling Tailor Vancouver

Indochino Traveling Tailor: Sign Up & Suit Up


You’re the kind of guy who needs a business case for every major life decision. So here you go.

Opportunity: You read our article on local online suit retailer Indochino and you were psyched. You went online, selected a fine looking suit at a great price and went to lay down your platinum digits on their easy to use payment system.

Problem: You can’t measure your body’s dimensions if your life depended on it. Sure, Indochino gives you thorough, easy to follow instructions on how to do it, but the truth is you haven’t trusted your tape measuring skills since you mistook millimetres for centimetres, an error that totally destroyed your chances of a finding a date on


Solution: The fine people at Indochino will be setting up their Traveling Tailor service in Vancouver from October 25 to November 3rd. Simply make an appointment on their website, and head down to Jameson House on Hastings St at the selected time. At the appointment, they will take your suit measurements for you. You can also scope out all their fabrics and determine which one will give you the best chance of finally being allowed into a fancy restaurant.

There’s no obligation to buy anything, but if you do purchase a suit, you’ll be entered to win a Canucks VIP Night for you and a friend. There will be fifteen winners selected, which is way better odds than you had on that hook-up site.

Sign up and suit up