Tech Reel: Burner, Budgets, and Batteries

Tech Reel: Burner, Budgets, and Batteries



Your problem isn’t your need to buy fast food every day because you want your daily recommended value of grease and fat—because that’s delicious—it’s that you need a budget. Enter Mint.

Mint’s online and smartphone apps help you maintain a budget by keeping track of all your accounts and bills in one place. You can track loans, investments, and expenses, all without having to worry about the people who made the app taking your money—you can’t move any money from the app, so neither can they.

If you want to be able to see how much you’re spending on beer, power, gas, or pounds of pure lard, and then plan accordingly, Mint may be the app for you. Best of all, it’s free, so you don’t have to factor into your budget the cost of a subscription to keep track of your budget.

To track your spending without actually spending, check out Mint

Burner app


Craigslist can be downright creepy. All you wanted was cheap leather pants, but now dude you bought ‘em from keeps giving you late night calls wanting to chat about how the Gimp was his favourite Pulp Fiction character. To keep your real phone number secure while still being able to indulge in your leather pants habit, check out Burner.

Burner is an app that gives your iPhone or Droid a phone number you can burn (permanently delete) whenever you want. This allows you to call creepy Gimp guy about the pants, and then lets you prevent him from ever calling back. Or you can make your friends go insane as you prank call them from dozens of different numbers. The possibilities are nearly endless. Burner costs just a couple dollars for a weeklong number, but with the benefit of being able to annoy your friends, it really pays for itself.

To alienate both people on Craigslist and your friends, check out Burner

Sol Sport Solar Kit

Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit

Doesn’t it suck when your phone battery runs out? It’s normally right when you’re checking important celebrity tweets, texting back that hot girl from the bar, or playing an intense game of Angry Birds. With the help of the Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit, you can keep doing all your productivity-avoiding activities without needing an outlet.

Using the mystical properties of a giant burning ball of hydrogen that is millions of miles away the Solar Charging kit recharges a battery that you can use to charge your smart phone, mp3 player, portable DVD player, handheld game console, digital camera, and whatever other unnecessary electronics you can plug into a USB port.

For the ideal power source during a zombie apocalypse, check out the Sol Sport Solar Charging Kit

Story by Brian Skahan