Tech Reel: Golf, Grills, and Gadgets

Tech Reel: Golf, Grills, and Gadgets


Tactical BBQ Apron

Some days, dinner is a serious battle. Time, money, and your inability to cook without a microwave are all against you. To ease the burden of culinary combat while looking like a badass, try this Tactical BBQ Apron.

With countless loops, pouches, clips and pockets for your indoor or outdoor ordinance, this utility apron is the ultimate tool for any master chef. The straps adjust to any size, so you can continue to wear the apron as you fatten up from all of the tactical cooking you’ll do.

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golf app

V1 Golf App

We know what you’re thinking. “How can I fix my swing so I can get a hole in one and impress my dad so he’ll finally love me?” The answer is the V1 Golf App. The app lets you record your swing and compare it side-by-side with the rips of pro golfers. You can also draw planes on the video screen to see how straight your line is, do split-screens to compare swings and watch your movement in slow motion, which should allow you determine if putting your beer down would help your game.

It doesn’t stop at golf, though. Whether it’s soccer, hockey, tennis, baseball, football, rowing, boxing, billiards, curling or lightsaber dueling, this app can work with any sport (or life or death battle) to help you perfect your technique and earn your father’s love.

To have a fulfilling relationship with your father through golf, get the V1 Golf App here

Get Pocket


Have you ever found a webpage on your computer and needed to run out the door at the last minute, but still wanted to read it on the bus into town? Maybe you were reading an article on your phone and remembered that you can’t spend all afternoon on the toilet. Conveniently, there’s a way to make both possible without having to train your bladder, and that’s by using a cool little app called Pocket.

Working on everything from iPhones, to laptops, to Kindles, to WebOS if you’re still convinced it’s going to happen, Pocket lets you save bookmarks across all your devices so you can read articles later or just keep bookmarks across all your devices if you’re lazy. Pocket is also completely free, so you’ll have more money for all your unnecessary electronics.

You can find Pocket here

Story by Brian Skahan