Coin: The Card of the Future

Coin: The Card of the Future

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For years you’ve been the butt of jokes like, “yo wallet’s so fat it’s got its own zip code” and “yo wallet’s so fat when it sat on an iPhone it made it an iPad.” Yes, it’s been a rough few years. And with multiple ATM cards, gift cards, corporate cards, and all else you’ve got to stuff in there, it’s only going to get fatter and your self-esteem is only going to get lower. Fortunately, you can put your wallet on a diet without losing any of your payment cards buy using Coin, the card of the future.

Coin is a credit card-sized device that digitally stores up to eight cards using what we can only presume to be some form of sorcery. Grabbing lunch at a nearby café? Tap the button on Coin to switch to the gift card you forgot you had. Having lunch on the company dime? Switch to the corporate card and bankrupt your company by ordering everything on the menu. Need to get a gift for your anniversary you totally forgot about? Switch to your debit card and be a slightly less awful boyfriend.

With the Coin app and dongle for iPhone and Android, you just swipe your cards and add each one to your account. The number of cards you can add is unlimited, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting a card again. But if you do forget Coin, you’re totally safe as it has built-in low power Bluetooth, which alerts your phone when you’re no longer near the card. Again, sorcery. You can also set the card to lock if you’re far away from it, so that all would-be thieves would be able to do is marvel at how awesome the card looks.

Coin will set you back $100 (though they’re doing pre-orders for $50 right now).

To use the card of the future that is infused with magic and style, check out Coin

Story by Brian Skahan