Holiday Gift Guide - For the Local Shopper

Holiday Gift Guide – For the Local Shopper

Perhaps this holiday season you’re feeling the need to give a gift that says I’d rather buy local than give my hard earned dollars to those Wal*Mart tramplers south of the border. Or you’re just damn lazy. Either way, here are some great holiday gift ideas for products available in Vancouver.

MyPakage Underwear - ray of light
Keeping your package all packaged up is no easy feat for a man of your impressive stature. But not with MyPakage. Self-proclaimed producers of the world’s best underwear, MyPakage is underwear built for comfort, fit, style and, most importantly, support. Make your junk feel as royal as Eddie Murphy’s in these outstanding briefs.

Buy Here. And trust us when we say, your little big men won’t be disappointed.

East Van Vodka - Odd Society Spirits
EastVan Vodka
There’s nothing quite like the taste of something silky smooth and Russian. And since Anna Kournikova is edging on the wrong side of young, get the next best thing: a vodka. Created by local distillery Odd Society Spirits, EastVan Vodka is a sweet, deliciously smooth vodka perfect for cocktails, or sipping while doing your best shirtless Putin impersonation.

Visit Odd Society Spirits at 1725 Powell Street to purchase.

Kate Duncan - walnut cutting board

Kate Duncan Designs
Get the gift that says, you really need to cook more and here’s a handcrafted cutting board to get you started. Local craftswoman Kate Duncan produces some stunning woodwork using quality hardwoods, traditional joinery and beautiful finishes, including cutting boards, towel racks, and custom made living room and dining room furniture.

Buy here and use BRIEFED at checkout for free shipping

Fortknight Men's Boutique

Fortknight Men’s Boutique
Sourcing hard to find products from around the globe, Fortknight Men’s Boutique helps you become the refined man your mom always wished you’d grow up to be. At their boutique you’ll find high end leather wallets, superb shaving products, guitars, cocktail accessories, and even bow ties.

Visit them at 46 Alexander or check out their products on their website

Serene Audio - Talisman speakers

Serene Audio
High fidelity is near impossible to find (surprising considering its cult popularity, though has Cusack really made any good films since?). But what’s even harder to find, is high fidelity matched with amazing design. Enter Serene Audio. Manufacturers of bamboo and leather computer and home theatre speakers, Serene Audio focuses on achieving perfect sound with unique design.

Available at Pats Audio Art (Burrard & 10th) or online at

Goorin Brothers - Yaletown hat shop

Gorin Brothers Hats
Every guy needs something to cover their dome (it’s just the healthy choice) and at Gorin Brothers you get modern style with a touch of the past. Choose between their everyday hats like trucker caps, gatsby’s, and flatcaps; their heritage styles such as fedoras, top hats and the Heisenberg; or their sport hats like the Whisky River wool baseball, or the Henry Jones fedora, which comes with a Scottish accent and a map to the Holy Grail.

Give something for a head at their Yaletown shop at Hamilton @ Davie.