Stocking Stuffer Guide: The Best Stuff for Your Stocking

Stocking Stuffer Guide: The Sickest Stuff for Your Stocking

stocking stuffer gift guide for men

The origins of Christmas Stockings can be traced back to a night centuries ago when Saint Nicholas saw a woman pimping out her fat husband in order to make enough money for rent. To remove this ungodly sight from his town, Old Saint Nic threw a bag of gold through their window, which landed in the man’s fishnet stocking that was hanging above the fireplace to dry. Ever since, people have been hanging their stockings on Christmas Eve in the hopes of scoring some swag, and not having to wear fishnets to pay rent.

To help you out with your stocking stuffer endeavours, here are some golden stocking stuffer ideas for guys.

Yes and No Cufflinks - Front and Company

Yes No Cufflinks from Front and Company
You’re a man of few words, and now you can say even fewer with these Yes No Cufflinks. No need for long explanations on why you don’t want to have dinner with her parents tonight, simply raise your No-link and that is the end of discussion. Or more likely, raise your No-link and run away.

Say Yes to these links


Giving new meaning to Business in the Front, Party in the Back, the Flasktie is wearable imbibing technology. What looks like standard neckware actually conceals a hidden 6oz bladder which you can fill up with whatever liquid gets you through the day.

Keep a solid buzz while climbing the corporate ladder with Flasktie

tense wooden watches

Tense Wooden Watch
In a city where half the women want a guy with a lot of green and half want him to be green, now you can appeal to both types with a stylish yet natural wooden watch from Mission, BC based Tense. The watches are made from 100% natural sandalwood and designed and manufactured in BC.

Mother nature wants you to buy this now

Muhle shaving kits from MASC Vancouver

Muhle Shaving Kits at MASC
Shaving is a daily ritual for most men, yet too many guys are still sloppily hacking at their face with a 30 cent plastic butter knife. Get a serious and stylish tool for this important job from MASC in Yaletown. MASC carries the renowned MÜHLE brand, German producers of top of the line razors, shaving kits, soaps and creams – everything your face needs to avoid looking like Nick Nolte.

Give your face some xmas love 

Liquid Courage Flasks

Flasks from Liquid Courage
Feeling the festive spirit is much easier while drinking spirits from a festive flask. Just the gift for a degenerate day drinking uncle (or yourself), these stylish boozing vessels are the speciality of Liquid Courage, an Etsy based purveyor of unique and clever flasks.

Buy yourself a classy way to get wasted